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How to get £5 off your H&M shop every time!

Get a discount every time you shop at H&M

Did you know that you can always get £5 / €5 off your H&M shopping? Yes, you’ve read it right!

You can always get a £5 off your H&M shopping in the UK. If you are based in Europe, you’ll be able to get €5 off your total spend. Though there is a minimum spend of £25 / €25, that’s a nice 20% off if you spend exactly £25.

How to get £5 or €5 off H&M

If you’re thinking of upgrading your wardrobe, have a look whether you’ve got some old gear that you could recycle to get a money off voucher. H&M has a clothes recycling scheme that will reward you with a £5 / €5 off and 20 loyalty points if you’re a H&M member for donating a bag of old clothes or unwanted garments. Signing up is free and comes with many perks.

What can I recycle?

The H&M Garment Collecting programme accepts any old clothing items in any condition and from any brand. You can also recycle any kind of textile, whether it’s curtains, shoes, towels, old knickers etc. All the fabric will be recycled and reused.

I really like this rewarding textile recycling scheme. This doesn’t just save me and others money, but is also protecting our environment by reducing the amount of fabrics ending up on the landfill. Though it’s very difficult to live completely eco-friendly, I like to try to live a bit more greener.

Have a look at my eco journey & how going eco has saved me money.

How many vouchers can I get?

You’ll get a £5 voucher each time you bring a bag of unwanted or used clothing to recycle. You could bring in carrier bag of fabrics at different times and collect as many £5 vouchers as you like. However you won’t be able to use multiple vouchers in a transaction. Hence I tend to split my shopping in several transactions to make the most of my vouchers. If I had a total of £100 to pay, I would use 4 vouchers and split it in 4 £25 transactions. This way I get £20 off my H&M shop.

Benefits of H&M members

Get 10% off your next purchase when you join

25% off on your birthday

Collect 1 point for ever £1 spent in a H&M store

For every 100 points collected, get £3 off

Special members only prices

Digital receipts

Free click & collect

Free standard delivery on orders £20 or over

H&M Music: Access to exclusive live gigs

Get 50 points for inviting others to join

Did you know you can also get

£5 off every M&S clothing shop

FREE Costa Coffees!

and FREE Caffé Nero Coffees!

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