Free groceries & save £100s when you shop online!

Yes, that’s right! You can grab yourself some freebies from your grocery stores and earn yourself some free cash for doing your shopping spree or signing up to a service online! You can get earn cashback from buying various things such as food, holiday, car insurance, clothes, supplements, makeup, electronics and more!

Some of your purchases will give you few pence and some can even give you over £100! In a year alone you can easily earn more than £100 by using cashback sites and apps!


So how do they work?

  1. You go on your chosen cashback website
  2. Search for the retailer or service you would like to buy from
  3. Click their link to your chosen retailer or service provider and shop as normal
  4. Your cashback will be tracked and after weeks to months confirmed
  5. Once confirmed you are able to withdraw to you bank account, paypal or get vouchers, which ever suits you.

Bellow I will list the best cashback sites and apps in the UK and what I have made so far by using these for about 2 years!



Top Cashback

Top Cashback is currently the highest paying cashback site with a 5 star Trustpilot rating.  They also match other cashback sites, so you are guaranteed to get the highest cashback! To sign up use this link: Top Cashback

You can use it as a free member, which I am. You can also upgrade to plus membership by paying an annual £5 admin fee,which they deduct from your cashback earnings.

This is my favourite cashback site! I have earned £294.54 in 2 years of use, making it on average a £147.27 saving per year! I have already cashed out £245.89 as you can see and still have £48.65 that I am able to transfer to my Paypal account.



Example of some places that I have bought from through Top Cashback include:

Expedia: £55.94

Aviva Car Insurance: £60

Gymshark: £37.55

Cathey Pacific Flights: £26.50

The Book People: £12.87

LV= Car Insurance: £35





Quidco works the same way that Top Cashback does, but I personally prefer using Top Cashback over Quidco. It is still worth signing up with them, in case Top Cashback doesn’t have a particular retailer or vice versa.

To sign up use this link to obtain £10 for free once you earned £5 chashabck: Quidco

I rarely use this site, but have still earned £16.62. Something is better than nothing, right?


Now to the apps that allow you to get some freebies and some money while you do your weekly grocery shopping!

One thing I love about doing my weekly food shop, is getting free groceries from the supermarket and get some monies back for items I buy anyway! I do this by using cashback apps, which can be downloaded onto iPhones and Android phones.

So how do they work?

  1. Open the app and brows their offers. The usual offers are Free, 50% off or 1/3 off.
  2. Check which retailer this offer can be redeemed at e.g. Tesco, Asda etc.
  3. Click on the offer and buy the product in store.
  4. You pay for the item first then using the app claim by taking a picture of the receipt and sometimes you will need to also scan the barcode of the item using your phone.
  5. Your cashback will be tracked and after few hours to a day confirmed.
  6. Once confirmed, your money will be either send to your bank or paypal account directly. Depending on which app you use, some put the money in your account within the app and then can be transferred to your bank account.


Shopmium is my favourite cashback app, because it is easy to use and sends me my cashback directly into my paypal account. So far I have been using this app every grocery shop to get a freebie or a bargain. Cashback can be obtained from shopping at various main supermarkets , with the odd offers from WH Smith and Boots. As you can see from my screenshots, so far I have claimed £54.85 worth on 42 products and what kind of products I got some money back for.

You can also obtain a free gift when you sing up using my shopmium referal code AAFEGCUM . The free referal gift is a pot of Nutella majority of the time but occasionally changes to a Cadburry or Lindt chocolate bar. Once you have signed up, you can then refer your friends and family using your own referal code to earn £3 credit for each referal. Your £3 referral reward will be transferred to you once your friend has claimed their first cashback.



Checkout Smart

I use the Checkout Smart app as much as I use Sopmium. Sometimes Checkout Smart has the same item as Shopmium, which means you can make profit out of it by scanning in both apps to claim. Only down side with this app, is that your cashback will go in your Checkout Smart Account and can then be withdrawn to your account. However any withdrawals below £20 will incure a 5% fee and anything above £20 will be free. I personally wait till I have atleast £20 before I withdraw. As



Green Jinn

I occasionally browse the Green Jinn app before I do a weekly grocery shop, but don’t use it as often as it hasn’t got as many freebies and cashback offers as the 2 apps I have mentioned above. Still worth to check in case you could get some money off a product you were going to buy anyway, such as fruit or veg. Your money will be sent to your bank account or paypal account as soon as your claim has been approved.


Make some money by scanning your receipts!

Next time you go shopping, don’t throw your receipts away! Instead collect them and scan them to make some money using these receipt scanning apps.



Shoppix is my preferred app, purely because it is so easy and quick to accumulate the points to redeem for cash to be transferred to your paypal account or voucher to spend on Amazon, iTunes or Love2Shop. So far I have redeemed £10 and have enough points to redeem another £10 but will wait till I have enough to get the £20 voucher.

Simply download this app through the App Store or Google Play, register and scan away.

I know, I need to start using this app again… Will be starting today!


  • Scan your receipts on the same day of your purchase, as you will get 5 more points!
  • Make sure your receipt is dated as receipts that don’t have a date on and company name seem to get rejected.  Doesn’t matter where you have been shopping. It accepts most receipts apart from bus ticket and train tickets.


Receipt Hog

Receipt hog works the same way as Shoppix, but takes a lot longer to save up the points to redeem for a reward. But nothing wrong with scanning the same receipt that you scanned on Shoppix. So far I have redeemed my points for a £5 Paypal transfer and have enough points to get another £5 worth, but will keep collecting my points until I have enough points to get the £10 voucher.  Same as with Shoppix, I will start using this app again as I have been very lazy scanning my receipts.


Do you already use any of these cashback sites or apps and which one is your favourite? Comment down below 😉