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How To Get Free Caffe Nero Coffees & Free Stamps  

How To Get Free Caffe Nero Coffees & Free Stamps - The Thrifty Island Girl by Lei Hang
Caffe Nero Referal Link:

If you love freebies and are an avid coffee drinker like myself, then you’re in the right place! I will show you how you can get free coffees from Caffe Nero!

Thankfully here’re some ways to bag yourself a free hot drink! I’ve shared How To Get Free Costa Coffee With Code D6XQF earlier in the year. Now there’re also ways for you to claim free coffees from Caffe Nero.

If you’ve read my article on how to claim free Costa coffees, then you already know that I’m a coffee connoisseur. I have to start my mornings with a Nespresso coffee at home, before I do the school run. When I go out for a walk, I tend to take another home brewed Nespresso coffee with me in a travel mug. However when I’m out and about travelling or shopping, I do enjoy popping into a coffee house for a nice flat white or a caramel iced coffee frappe. Though there isn’t a particular coffee house that I’m loyal to, I do have two favourite coffee house brands.

Speaking of coffee, I’ve just remembered that International Coffee Day is soon (October 1st).

How to get free Caffe Nero Coffee 

Thrifty baby Yasmin on our recent visit to Caffe Nero in Bromley.
Thrifty baby Yasmin on our recent visit to Caffé Nero in Bromley.
Caffe Nero Referal Link:

To claim your free coffee from Caffe Nero and allow you to collect loyalty stamps to get more free coffees, you’ll need to install the Caffe Nero App. Since this Caffe Nero free coffee app is only available on iOS and Android, the referral link to sign up & claim your coffee will not work on a desktop. Hence you’ll need to open do this on a mobile device.

Caffe Nero loyalty card app launched in 2017. The rewards scheme will reward you with loyalty stamps for being a customer with the free membership. The best part is you’ll get a free coffee from Caffé Nero, every time you’ve collected 9 loyalty stamps, making your 10th coffee free!

By signing up with my Caffe Nero Referral link ( , you’ll get 10 stamps in total after making your first purchase. This means you’ll have a free coffee (9 stamps worth) and 1 welcome stamp. And as bonus you can get 5 extra free stamps by entering the Caffe Nero promo code GIVEME5 in the promo box on the signup page in the app. This means you can earn a total of 15 stamps by signing up through my link.

This app is great as it’s not just a digital loyal scheme, but also has a Caffé Nero click and collect feature and a refer a friend scheme. I’ve found this and the Costa Coffee app, are very similar, which I’ve written about in How To Get Free Costa Coffee With Code D6XQF.

How can I get more Caffe Nero free stamps?

Earn a Bonus stamp from Caffe Nero when you bring your own cup

Go green to earn a bonus stamp!

If you bring in a Caffe Nero reusable cup or your own, you’ll be rewarded with an extra stamp additionally to your usual stamp. The extra stamp will be rewarded to you for being environmentally friendly by avoiding the use of disposable cups. This way every 5th coffee is free! It doesn’t have to be a Caffe Nero reusable coffee cup. I often bring in one of my Nespresso Travel Mugs to get it refilled with my favourite coffee, when I’m out and about. By reusing my mug, it reduces the amount of single use coffee cups and plastic on landfills, keeps my coffee warm for about 4 hours and looks stylish at the same time. That’s what I call win win!

Though it’s very difficult to live completely eco-friendly, I like to try to live a bit more greener. Have a look at my eco journey & how going eco has saved me money.

Caffe Nero Refer a Friend Scheme

Two for you, One for them!

Sharing is caring! Share your love for coffee with friends and family and both receive coffees!

If you haven’t signed up to the Caffe Nero loyalty app, use my referral link to download the app to receive your Caffe Nero drink and stamps.

P.S.: If you are signing up using my link, you’ll get a free coffee and stamps and I’ll be getting two free drinks too. Thank you ❤

How to refer a friend:

Within the homepage of the Caffe Nero app you’ll see a banner saying “two for you, one for them”.

By clicking on the banner and sending a referral link to download the app to your friends and family, they get a free coffee after they’ve bought their first drink. So that would be a buy one get one free for your friend. What’s even better is if you’re the referrer, you’ll get 2 free drinks.

It would be great if the Caffé Nero app had a referral code like the Costa app to share with friends & family, but it doesn’t. Instead you have to join using a refer a friend link on a mobile phone.

My referral link:

Does Caffe Nero have a refer a friend limit?

There is no limit to how many friends and loved ones you can refer with this scheme. Hence you’ll get 2 free drinks for each friend that you refer to download the app.

Don’t forget, you can also claim free Costa Coffees! Check out How To Get Free Costa Coffee With Code D6XQF

Caffe Nero refer a friend link
How to get a free drink from Caffe Nero on O2 - The Thrifty Island Girl by Lei Hang

How to get a free drink with O2

Occasionally you can get a free drink from Caffe Nero on O2. If your mobile phone provider is O2, may get a free drink here and there through the O2 Priority app.

Click “USE NOW” in the app to reveal your unique code only when you are ready to order your coffee within 25 minutes.

The reward entitles you to a free hot or cold drink. Make sure to bring your own coffee mug to receive a bonus stamp.

What drinks can you get as a freebie?

Lei Hang enjoyed a flat white and a salted caramel & pistachio chouxnut on her recent visit to Caffe Nero in Bromley.
Lei Hang enjoyed a flat white and a salted caramel & pistachio chouxnut on her recent visit to Caffe Nero in Bromley.

Once you’ve received a Caffe Nero voucher for a free drink, you can choose anything from a hot coffee, smoothie, milkshake, iced coffee, tea or frappe créme.

The cheapest drink on the menu are the teas, such as green tea, english breakfast tea, earl grey tea and peppermint tea at £2.40. These are great for your first purchase to unlock the free drink once you’ve signed up to the app. Once you’ve unlocked the free drink, I’d go for the more expensive drinks as your freebies.

My choice drink as a freebie is usually:

Drink nameUsual cost of drink (prices from August 2022)
Flat white£3.20
White Chocolate Mocha£4.10
Mocha Frappe Latte£4.10
Mango and Passionfruit Booster£3.95

What is the App invite link?

My thoughts of Caffe Nero

Unfortunately we don’t have a Caffe Nero on the Isle of Wight. You may be surprised, but we also don’t have a Starbucks on the island. However since I’m often travelling to Southampton for Yasmin’s hospital appointments or staying in London, I get to visit the coffee house brand we do not have on the isle.

From the list above I guess you can guess my favourite drinks from Caffe Nero. I also love their new iced pistachio latte and salted caramel & pistachio frappe créme. I love anything with pistachio and almond. Some people have asked me: Is Caffe Nero expensive? I guess it can be expensive if you grab a coffee from them on a regular basis without their loyalty app. I often don’t have to pay for my coffee, as I get their coffee for free via the app. Using my reusable Nespresso travel mug is a must, as it gives me a bonus stamp that brings me closer to my next free coffee. Out of all coffee house brand, I find Nero’s coffee is of better quality than the other coffee houses, but it doesn’t mean that I dislike any coffee shops.

Like most coffee shops, they have free wifi which is important to me. Working from home can get boring sometimes and a change of sceneary can boost motivation. I’ve never struggled to get a table and seat. I like their relaxing and warm decor, making it a very comfortable environment there. It’s a great place to meet friends for a catch up or work while watching the world go by.

Are you planning to get some free coffees at Caffe Nero? I’d love to know in the comments below or on Facebook.

Lei Hang - The Thrifty Island Girl