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My review of the Bausch+Lomb Artelac Every Day eye drops

Lei Hang's honest review of the Bausch + Lomb Artelac Every Day eye drops. A picture of the box and bottle of the artelac every day eye drops with a blue paint background

Being a regular contact lens wearer and a blogger with heavy use of computer screens, I suffer from dry eyes daily. I’m very lucky to be sent 2 full sized samples of the Artelac Every Day Hydrating Eye Drops by Bausch+Lomb for free. I’ve been using their product for 2 weeks. I’m now able to write an honest review of these hydrating eye drops for dry eye suffers, to share my experience with you.

What is the Artelac Every Day Hydrating Eye Drops?

Bausch + Lomb Artelac Every Day hydrating eye drops are preservative free, contact lense friendly and fast & long lasting.
Picture: Bausch+Lomb

Artelac Every Day is a preservative free, contact lens friendly eye drops by Bausch+Lomb. These particular eye drops by the optical company is for dry or tired eyes. Dry and tired eyes can be caused by contact lens wear, screen use, central heating and air conditioning.

Since these eye drops don’t contain any preservative, they are save to be used while wearing any type of contact lenses. Bausch + Lomb claims that Artelac Every Day drops contains a natural moisturiser, that’s found in the healthy tear film. This refreshes and calms the eyes, provides fast-acting and long lasting relief from all symptoms of dry eyes.

My experience of using the Artelac eye drops

As mentioned earlier, I’ve used these eye drops for 2 weeks. I’ve used the drops 2-3 times a day. Every time I’ve used the Artelac Every Day eye drops, I’ve got an immediate relieve from dry or tired eyes. The drops felt very refreshing on my eyes.

Using the drops was very easy. I like that it has a part where you put your thumb on ( blue part) and the instructions are easy to follow on the packaging too. As I’m a contact lens wearer, this is perfect as the drops are contact lens friendly. The fact that it’s safe to use as many times as you need and preservative free is a big plus! I highly recommend this product for anyone that suffers from dry eyes!

I’m still on my first bottle and got loads left. Thankfully I’ll have 6 months after opening the bottle. That’s plenty of time to finish it! Once I run out of the eye drops, I’ll definitely be buying them in the future.

Where can I buy it from ?

Artelac Every Day eye drops can be bought via the Bausch + Lomb Amazon page or picked up from Superdrug.