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My review of the EcoEgg! Does it work & save money?

The Thrifty Island Girl holding a pink Spring Blossom EcoEgg washing detergent alternative
Me holding my pink EcoEgg

Why I bought an EcoEgg?

A few years ago I came across the EcoEgg, when I was browsing the net and thought the concept of it is quiet interesting. I have asked some friends and family members whether they have heard of it or used one themselves before. Nobody that I personally know has used this reusable egg-shaped laundry gadget that promises 210 washes for only £13.99. I usually use Fairy Non Bio washing powder, which usually costs me £10 for 60 washes only.

This is the very same eco-egg you might have seen me on the Channel 5 TV documentary Bargain Brits On Benefits on Season 1 Episode 3. You can watch me here .

Me using my Eco Egg on the Channel 5 TV show Bargain Brits On Benefits

About 4 months ago I saw theEcoEgg in Aldi, while doing my weekly food shop. I picked it up, as I was soon running out of washing powder anyways.  Since it could help me save lots of money on laundry detergent, is environmentally friendly and suitable for sensitive skin, I thought it was worth putting this laundry gadget to the test! Let’s see whether this is a great alternative to washing powder!

What is an EcoEgg Laundry Egg?

As the name already gives a way its an eco-friendly, economical, egg-shaped laundry capsule. The recyclable plastic egg capsule contains white dissolvable natural mineral pellets and tourmaline pellets containing no harmful chemicals, which are refillable and therefore helps reduce the use of single use plastics and avoids chemical water pollution. These mineral pellets effectively wash and lift dirt away. It also softens clothes by changing the pH of the water without the need of chemical loaded detergents.

It claims to be suitable for sensitive skin, vegan friendly, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. EcoEgg has also held the Allergy UK’s Allergy Friendly Product award since 2011. According to the EcoEgg website, their pellets within the egg do not contain any palm oil, SLS, SLES, parabens, petrochemicals, enzymes, phosphates or microplastics.

Since the EcoEgg replaces washing detergent and fabric softener, it will be a lot kinder to your pocket,but also reduces the use of plastics again as fabric softeners usually come in plastics bottles.

These laundry eggs come in 3 different fragrances including Linen Fresh, Spring Blossom and Fragrance Free. Though sometimes they do release limited edition scents, such as Orange Blossom, Honeysuckle, Lavendar, Ocean Breeze, Lotus Flower and British Blooms. Their scented products contain a very small amount of natural essential oils to gently scent your laundry and reduce the risk of skin irritation.

These eggs are also available in 3 different sizes: 70 washes, 210 washes and 720 washes.

I love the fact that EcoEgg gives 10 year guarantee on their laundry eggs! Should your plastic egg break, they will replace it.

Does the EcoEgg wash as well as washing powders or laundry pods?

So far I have done 48 loads of laundry.I have to say I’m impressed! At first I was sceptical, as I wasn’t sure whether it has the same washing power as the usual washing powder or pods that I have been using. My clothes came out just as clean as when using the usual detergents. The smell was nowhere near as strong, but it did smell fresh and had a hint of the spring blossom smell. When it came to stains, it did well too. Yasmin had some ketchup stains on her t-shirt and some mud on her clothes from playing in the garden. I knew they always came out when using washing powder, so was wondering whether this would also come out using this laundry egg and it did!

Cost comparison to traditional washing powder

I bought my 210 wash Spring Blossom EcoEgg from Aldi, during their Specialbuy few months ago for £10. This means using this laundry gadget will cost me 5p per wash. It claims a 210 egg lasts on average 1 year. The 60 wash Fairy Non-Bio washing powder that I normally buy also costs £10, which works out 16p per wash. Therefore costing 3 times more per wash than the EcoEgg.  Usually the 210 wash EcoEgg is £13.29 and works out 6p per wash. Obviously if you get the 720 wash one for £21.99, it will work out cheaper at 3p per wash.

I tend to do 3 full loads of laundry per week, so the 210 wash laundry egg lasts me nearly 1.5 years where as the 60 wash washing powder would only last me 5 months. And when I use washing powder I also use fabric softener, which is not needed with the egg. I usually use Comfort Pure Fabric Condition and get the 85 wash (3 liters) when it is on offer or £3.50.

Cost of using 210 wash EcoEgg vs my usual Washing Powder & Fabric Softener for 1.5 years
 EcoEggWashing Powder & Fabric
EcoEgg 210 wash£10
Comfort Pure 85 Wash x33.50×3 = £10.50
Fairy Washing Powder 60 wash  x310×3= £30
Total cost for 1.5 years£10£40.50

So by replacing my usual laundry detergents I would save £30.50 every 1.5 years.

Will I continue using the EcoEgg?

Yes I will be using the EcoEgg from now on and will buy refill pellets, once I am about to run out. 

I am very impressed how clean my washing has come out and how it can save me so much money in the long run, as well as being a bit more environmentally friendly! Another thing I recently realized, is that the EcoEgg saves a lot of space in my cupboard under the sink compared to a big bottle of fabric softener and a big box of washing powder. Now that I have tried the laundry egg and enjoy the results from it, I’ll get my mum one to try for herself too. I have also seen the Ecoegg Dryer Eggs for sale and am curious what they are like. I might have to get one at some point to try it.

Do you use an EcoEgg? If not, are you thinking of giving it a go? Why not gift one to an friend or family member?


  • Ali Clifford

    Lei, you’ve convinced me to give the Eco Egg a go.
    Not sure why we’ve never tried it, have used eco washing liquids for years out of habit I guess but your maths (and space saving tips) add up!
    One of your Isle of Wight Neighbours is giving these away on their insta this week coincidentally !


  • lei.hang

    Hi Ali,

    I’m glad you are giving the Eco Egg a try. When I see something new I tend to try. If I like it I keep the change, but if I don’t like something I can always go back to whatever I used before.
    I think because it is an egg filled with mineral pellets instead of the powder, pod or liquid that most of us know, it can feel a bit strange at first.
    Ahh thanks for letting me know, I have taken part in their giveaway thanks to you. Hope some others will enter and I hope someone that hasn’t tried the Eco Egg yet wins it.