How to get cheap contact lenses online

White and blue contact lenses case with a contact lens

A few of you know, I am as blind as a bat and wear contact lenses majority of the time. On the days I am not wearing them I have to wear glasses, else I wont be able see anything! I used to order my lenses from Specsavers, thinking they were cheap there. However I have found another UK supplier that does my contact lenses for a lot cheaper online! 

Why I order my contact lenses online

The contact lenses that I have been ordering the past 9 years are the Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus technology. At Specsavers they currently cost £20.25 per box for one eye. So for both eyes it would cost me £40.50 for 3 months. I’ve been ordering my contact lenses from Lenstore the past 2 years where they do the same brand lenses also but for £18.95 per box for an eye. Making the total £37.90 before using a discount. This is already a £2.60 saving, but you can also get a further 10% discount when you use my Lenstore referral link, brining the cost down even more! If you were to use the link to buy the same lenses as me, it would then cost you only £34.11. This is a £6.39 saving every 3 months compared to Specsavers! It all adds up and why not save the money and use it for something else, right?

What’s even better is, once you have used my referral link to buy your contact lenses with the discount, you can also refer your friends using your refer-a-friend link to give your friends and family a 10% discount on already cheap contact lenses. When people use your link to obtain the 10% discount, you will get a £5 Amazon Voucher from Lenstore.

I like ordering my lenses from Lenstore, because they are cheap but it isalso important to me that they have an Excellent 5 star Trustpilot rating! Knowing that they are highly rated by over 54k customers, I know I can trust them. Plus obtaining a £5 Amazon voucher when someone uses my 10% discount link is a bonus.