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My review of Aldi’s Magnum Premium Dishwasher Capsules

Lei Hang reviews the Aldi Magnum Premium All in One Dishwasher Capsules in lemon scent. Bag of the dishwasher tablets on Lei Hang's kitchen counter with a black and silver nespresso machine and kitchen aid standmixer
My review of the discount supermarket’s dishwasher tablet.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, finances have become tight for many of us, but having sparkling clean dishes is still of importance. With the Fairy Platinum Plus Dishwasher Tablets being ranked Which? best dishwasher tablets, many of us just stick to the expensive brand. Luckily there are other tablets out there that are just as good, if not better than the Fairy ones without the hefty price tag.

Why I’ve decided to give Aldi’s Magnum Premium Dishwasher tablets a go

I’ve always been using the Fairy Platinum Plus Dishwasher Tablets, as it’s a Which? best buy and because it’s a brand we are all familiar with. Yes the dishes always came out super clean and smelt fresh as I tend to opt for the lemon scented ones. Until the other day, I’ve run out of my usual Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon tablets. Since I was doing my main grocery shop the other day, I’ve decided to give the Aldi Magnum Premium All in One capsules a go. I’m aware that the Aldi Magnum Original All in One have been ranked 2nd best dishwasher tablets by the consumer watchdog Which?. But since I wanted something that is equivalent to the Fairy Plantinum Plus tabs, I’ve opted for the Aldi’s Magnum Premium All in One instead. Now that I’ve tried these, I wanted to share my experience using the Aldi branded dishwasher tablets instead of my usual Fairy Platinum Plus tabs.

Aldi’s Magnum Premium vs Fairy Platinum Plus cost comparison

To compare the prices of the Aldi branded dishwasher tablets against Fairy’s I’ve created a table below.

ProductAldi Magnum Premium All in OneAldi Magnum All in OneFairy Platinum PlusFairy Platinum
Price in £3.992.9912.005.00
Number of dishwasher tablets in a pack37405529
Cost per dishwasher tablet in £
Lei Hang’s dishwasher tablet price comparison table.

As we can see the Aldi Magnum All in One tablets are the cheapest and Fairy Platinum Plus the most expensive costing 7p and 22p per tablet respectively. When I compare the price of Magnum Premium All in One tablets with Fairy Platinum Plus, I can see a 11p per tablet difference. If the Aldi dishwasher tabs perform as well as the Fairy ones, this could save me or even you half of the annual dishwasher tablet expense!

My yearly cost and savings

Currently I’m turning the dishwasher on once every evening, as it’s just me and my little girls Yas in the house. I like make sure that the dishwasher is fully loaded before starting a wash program. This is to further save money by using less electricity and water. Since I’m using a tablet a day, the Fairy Platinum Plus has been costing me £80 per year. If I make the switch to Aldi’s Magnum Premium All in One, I will save £39.85 per year as these would cost me £40.15 annually. Once I’ve finished this bag of capsules, I’ll try the standard Aldi Magnum All in One capsules, which are priced at 7p per pop. If they are just as good, I could save £54.45 per year at a cost of £25.55 for the dishwasher capsules per year.

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How did Aldi’s Magnum Premium All in One dishwasher capsules perform?

When I bought these capsules, I wasn’t sure what to expect from these. Part of me thought that these can’t be as good as my usual Fairy Platinum Plus. However I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I did expect my dishes to come out clean, but thought that water marks may be still seen. My dishes, cutlery and glasses all came out spotless with no marks what so ever. I found that these are actually doing better than the Fairy ones, that I’ve been using. I can’t fault these Aldi tabs at all. At half the price of Fairy Platinum plus and for a slightly better performance I’ve converted to these Aldi capsules now.

My verdict!

I’ve made the decision to ditch the Fairy branded dishwasher tablets for these Aldi Magnum Premium All in Ones. This would then free £39.85 every year for me. Since the Standard Magnum capsules are a lot cheaper than the Premium version, I’ll have to give them a go next. According to Which? these have been ranked 2nd best dishwasher tablets.

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