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How To Get 10% Off The Perfume Shop

Recycle empty perfume bottles with the perfume shop to get a discount

Do you have a empty perfume bottle gathering dust, that you are thinking of throwing away? Don’t bin it! Instead get it recycled and get some money off your next fragrance from The Perfume Shop!

The Perfume Shop’s Recycle Scheme

The Perfume Shop offers a free perfume bottle recycling service to help with environmental sustainability. By recycling empty bottles using this service you will be rewarded with a 10% voucher of your next perfume shop. The voucher can be used online and in-store.

For every bottle you return, a tree will be planted!

Another thing that I’m very impressed by is their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) to aid in the efforts of reforestation in order to save the planet. So for every bottle we recycle through The Perfume Shop’s recycling scheme, they will donate the cost of planting one tree to Eden.

The benefits of planting these trees include, ocean health restoration, providing animals with a habitat, purifying water sources, control flooding and purifying the air.

I’m still new to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and am always learning new ways to live a little greener. Find out more about My eco journey & how going eco has saved me money.

How to recycle your bottles

Reuse Recycle Reduce

Recycling your empty fragrance bottle is very easy.

  • Bring your empty perfume bottle into your local The Perfume Shop store. It can be from any brand and doesn’t have to be a bottle purchased from The Perfume Shop. However the glass bottle can’t be damage, as they will not accept broken glass bottles due to health and safety reasons.
  • You’ll receive a 10% off voucher that you can use in store and online

Why not reuse your perfume bottle?

Did you know that The Perfume Shop also sells refillable scents? By buying refills of your signature scent, you can reduce unnecessary waste. Therefore you can smell good and feel good knowing you’ve done something great for the environment too. The Perfume Shop has a great range of refillable fragrances for him and her from brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Armani, Mugler, Dior and Lancome.

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