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The Best & Cheapest Time To Buy Fleece Bedding!

The Best & Cheapest Time To Buy Fleece Bedding by Lei Hang The Thrifty Island Girl
Lei Hang’s daughter Yasmin shopping for some new Teddy fleece bedding.

It’s February now and it still feels like winter is never ending. It’s still very cold in the evenings and it doesn’t help that energy prices are at all times high. Unfortunately we’ll face another price hike this year in April. On the plus side, if you’re struggling yo get cosy, it might be worth investing in a teddy bear fleece bedding set. Whether you live in a chilly house or using a high tog duvet and still feel cold, a fleece duvet set can instantly provide more warmth and comfort.

The fleece duvet covers are so comfy and warm. It’s also be perfect to take to the sofa to snuggle up with a lovely a hot chocolate, an Oodie on and a bit of Netflix or Disney+. Just don’t blame me when you don’t want to get up, because it’s so warm and cosy!

If the fleece isn’t warm enough, it may be worth investing in a heated throw or blanket. Have a look at my Dreamland Relaxwell Luxury Heated Throw Review: Does it save money? post.

What is fleece bedding and how does it keep you warm?

Fleece is a soft, warm and fuzzy fabric. Most fleeces are made from polyester and can keep you and your family warm and toasty during the winter months! You may wonder why fleece instead of cotton. This is because fleece is a lot warmer than cotton, because the soft and fluffy material is excellent at trapping and retaining your body heat! Hence we often see fleece pyjamas, throws, dressing gowns, jumpers, cardigans and bedding for sale throughout the colder seasons.

Is fleece bedding too hot?

Is fleece bedding too hot?

Lei Hang's daughter Yasmin Hang using her fleece bedding. - The Thrifty Island Girl
Lei Hang’s daughter Yasmin using her Silentnight teddy fleece fitted sheet & duvet covers.

If you know me, you know I get cold very easily and love using fleece bedding and fleece pyjamas half the year. Of course it’s silly to use fleece during the summer, as it would be too hot then. I like to use fleece items during late autumn, winter and early spring time to keep my family and myself warm. We never really have the heating on during the colder spring and autumn days, as fleece bedding and fleece PJs seem to keep us all warm enough. In the winter I find fleece alone isn’t warm enough for me and also use an electric blanket and an Oodie at the same time.

Will fleece shrink in the dryer or when washed ?

As the material wicks moisture, it’s super fast to dry after washing. Therefore there is no need to tumble dry fleece bedding and clothing. Since high heat can sometimes shrink fleece a little, I recommend you wash fleece at a lower temperature and if you wish to use the tumble dryer to use a gentle heat setting. However always double check the wash label for washing instructions. The best part of this is that you won’t need to iron fleece!

I tend to always wash our fleece bedding at 20C with an EcoEgg and air dry them. They are usually dry the next day. I recommend to invest in more than one set as you’d need to wash it at least once a week. Though this material is excellent at trapping heat and keeping you warm, it may cause you to sweat during the night.

When is the best time to buy fleece bedding?

I highly recommend to buy fleece duvet sets and fleece sheets between January and February, because many places such as Tesco has them on sale during this time. Last year I’ve bought some Silentnight Teddy Fleece duvet covers and the matching teddy fleece fitted sheets for half the price from Tesco. In the picture above you can see my daughter Yasmin using her fleece duvet covers & fitted sheet by Silent night. I’ve bought the fitted sheet and duvet cover for only £14.50 during the sales from Tesco. This year they have reduced them again to half price with Tesco Club card. It seems like they go on sale every year at the beginning of the year.

There are many retailers that sell fleece bedding cheap or have them on sale at the beginning of the year such as Amazon, Homebase, Wilko and many more. Before buying it’s always good to shop around and check to see whether you could get some more money off by using cashback site. Find out How to save £100s shopping with Cashback sites! if you haven’t used them before.

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