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Roaming Charges in EU: All you need to know

Mobile Phone Roaming Charges in EU: All you need to know - Lei Hang also known as the Thrifty Island Girl

EU mobile phone roaming charges known as “Roam Like at Home” were free until the end of 2020 for all UK consumers. This allowed us to use our data, minutes and texts included on our mobile phone tariffs when travelling in the EU at no extra cost. However due to the UK leaving the EU, UK mobile networks are able to reintroduce roaming charges from January 2021.

What EU roaming charges will there be?

What all mobile networks have in common is that none of the networks will charge any roaming charges in Republic of Ireland.

Three roaming charges

Three UK customers used to their “Go Roam” roaming feature will see a few changes. The Go Roam feature allowed customers to use their contract allowances in 71 countries including the USA, Australia and Hong Kong.

Customers that have signed up or upgraded from 1st October 2021 will be charged £2 per day to use their inclusive data and minutes from their tariff in European countries. If Three customers are planning to use their allowances in countries outside the EU, they will then be able to do this at a cost of £5 per day. Three has planned to introduce these charges from 23rd May 2022.

All Three customers that had their contracts or pay as you go tariffs before 1st October 2021 will not be affected by these charges.


EE roaming charges

EE will also be charging £2 a day in Europe. The charge will start on 3rd March 2022 for customers who joined or upgraded their contracts after 7 July 2021. If you mobile plan started before 7th July 2021 you won’t be affected by these charges.

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Vodafone roaming charges

Vodafone customers who’ve pay monthly plan started after 11th August 2021 will be affected by roaming charges from January 2022. Any mobile phone contracts before 11th August 2021 will not be affected. Affected tariffs will have to pay a £2 per day charge to use their tariff allowance in the EU.

To reduce costs, Vodafone also offers an 8 day or 15 day pass which can be bought before travel. This will reduce the cost to £1 per day to use your data, call and minute allowance of your tariff.

Vodafone customers on the”Xtra Airtime Plan” with “4 Xtra benefits” will not be affected by the charges.

O2 & Virgin Mobile customers face no roaming charges in EU

O2 and Virgine Mobile, which are 2 of UK’s 4 largest mobile networks have merged. Meaning their rules to the fees are the same. These two are the only mobile operators, that have decided to keep EU roaming free for their customers. At least there’s one less thing to worry about, if you have planned to travel to Europe.

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