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How to save money on your mobile phone bill & have more data!

Gold blobs and black sand with a Apple Iphone 12 . How to save money on your mobile phone bill! Start saving £100s per year! Learn how from Lei Hang on The thrifty island girl blog

Many of people are overpaying on their mobile phones, though it’s very easy to switch to a cheaper price plan with more data! Check whether you are nearing the end of your mobile phone contract or are now on a rolling contract. If so, you can cut the cost, gain more mobile data and possibly get more rewards! This could save you £100s per year!

How I have saved £78 per year on my mobile phone and got a lot more data!

I tend to buy my phone outright and get a Sim-Only contract, as it works out a lot cheaper compared to a mobile contract that includes a mobile phone. Before I’ve made the switch, I had an EE sim-only contract costing me £20 a month. The tariff included 15GB data (4G not a 5G plan), unlimited minutes and unlimited text messages per month. I’m now on a 1 year Vodafone sim-only plan, costing me only £13.50 per month and includes a lot more!

To see the difference between my old EE sim-only contract and the new Vodafone sim-only mobile plan I’m on more easily, I’ve created a table:

Network ProviderEE (old)Vodafone (new)Difference
Contract length12 months12 monthsnone
Data15GB (4G only)100GB (5G enabled)85GB
Text messagesUnlimitedUnlimitednone
Loyalty ProgrammeNoneVeryMe AppSome freebies and prize draw entries
Monthly cost£20£13.5£6.5
£6.50 a month may not sound a lot, but it is it adds up over a year!

I’ve made the switch through a highly rated website called I found they’ve got the best mobile phone deals! When I chose my Sim-only plan, it was very important to me that it’s a 5G plan, as I have an Apple IPhone 12 Pro Max, which is a 5G Phone. If you choose a sim contract that isn’t a 5G plan, but you have a 5G Iphone like me or a Samsung Galaxy S21, then you won’t be able to use 5G. Instead your fasted mobile data speed would be 4G. 

I wanted a sim only deal with as much as possible data at the best price and 5G, because I’ve got to travel long distances to a hospital regularly for my daughters appointments. To keep her entertained on our journey, she likes to stream Netflix on her iPad. This can take a lot of date.

Vodafone mobile phone sim-only contract deal with 100GB 5G data and unlimited text and minutes for only £13 from Can't beat this bargain!
The same Sim-Only deal is still available on,but 50p cheaper a month than mine!

As you can see I’m saving £78 a year and am getting 85GB more data that is not speed capped and 5G enabled, as well as rewards, which include freebies and can enter free prize draws via the Vodafone VeryMe app. The contract is £16 a month but am only paying £13.50, as I also got a £30 cashback by signing up to this deal via Therefore the total cost per month works out £13.50.

Carphone Warehouse mobile phone contract with £30 cashback cheque on a balck background.
My £30 Cashback cheque and a letter from, part of Carphone Warehouse.

Both of my parents and brother were on £30 per month Sim-only contracts with only 25GB of data. My mum uses a lot of her data streaming movies and talking to family members living abroad. She tends to use up her allowance before it refreshes. I’ve also switched them over using and managed to save each £16.50 a month. That’s a saving of £198 each per year! As a whole family we have saved a whooping £672 a year!

Want to keep your current mobile number, but cut the cost on your monthly phone bill?

Not a problem! I’ve decided to keep my number too, as I’ve so many contacts and it would be a hassle to let everyone know that my number has changed. So I requested for a PUK code from EE at the same time, I’ve signed up for the new, better but cheaper contract with Vodafone. The PUK code is required for the transfer of your mobile number from your current network to the new network. You can obtain the PUK by calling your network providers customer service number.

Here is the breakdown of my mobile phone tariff cost calculation:

£16x 12 months =£192 total annual cost before the £30 cashback.

£192-£30= £162 total annual cost with the £30 cashback.

£162/12 months = £13.50 per month

Who is is part of the well-known Europe based mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse. From the letter and cheque they have sent me, you can see uses the Carphone Warehouse logo. offers award-winning, amazing deals on contract phones, sim-only plans and mobile phone upgrades. They’ve won several awards, including uSwitch Mobile reseller of the year, TechRadar Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, Top 50 Companies for customer service and more.

Just like going to a mobile phone retailers shop, they offer all the same products online and for a lot cheaper! Products that they offer include:

Pay monthly contracts with a handset of your choice

Mobile phone upgrades

Sim Only Deals

Another great thing about is once you have bought a phone or a contract with them, you can then refer a friend or family member and earn between £5-£40 in reward depending on what they have bought.

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