50% discount to dine via the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme!

Since the launche of the governments Eat Out to Help Out Scheme on 3rd August 2020, diners throughout the UK are a given a 50% discount off their food bill . That’s great news if you love eating out at restaurants and cafes, like I do! The half price discount only applies on all foods and non-alcoholic drinks when consumed on the premises.  Unfortunately there wont be any discount on alcoholic beverages.

When and how long is the Scheme on for?

You will get a 50% off discount every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3rd to 31st August 2020 nationwide (United Kingdom). There are no limits to how many times you visit a restaurant, pub or café to get the discount on your munchies and soft drinks. You could be ordering breakfast; lunch and dinner from the same place and still get the discount every time.

Is there a limit on how much you can order?

You can obtain a half price discount on your food and non-alcoholic beverage to eat in or drink in, with a maximum value of £10 per person. So if you go out as a family of 4, you will get 50% off £40 of the bill. Anything above the value will be full price. Another thing to remember is that there is no minimum spend to obtain the discount.

As far as I know some eateries do not apply the 50% off on food or drink offers. So it is always good to ask before ordering, whether or not the particular place still applies the Eat Out to Help Out discount on foods on offer or whether you can also use discount vouchers that you may have in conjunction with the government 50% off scheme.

Book your table!

I highly recommend you to book a table, to save the disappointment! The discount does not apply on takeaways and deliveries. And since many want to get the 50% off their food bill, restaurants, cafes and pubs are often full and don’t have a free table.

Find a restaurant that’s registered to the scheme

Find a restaurant near you through the governments Eat Out to Help Out restaurant finder and make the most of the 50% discount!

For my fellow islanders, I can confirm that my family’s Hong Kong Express restaurants in Ryde and Newport, Isle of Wight are both registered to the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme! Many times people ask me what I like to eat whenever I visit my brother or dad at the restaurant. Well I tend to go for a crispy aromatic duck or fried rice specially cooked for me by my dad or the yummy chilly chips. 

Where I would like to eat:

Since I have to pop over to Portsmouth to do some shopping for my daughter Yasmin before she returns to school in September, I have planned to grab some lunch with her too. Knowing Yas she will want to have lunch at Nando’s or Wagamama. I have just checked whether her favourite restaurants are signed up to the scheme through the governments list on their website. 

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Where would you like to go out for lunch or dinner? Comment down below and share this article with friend and family to let them know about this month long scheme.