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FREE Halloween Printables: No Trick Or Treating Signs

Free No Trick Or Treat Sign - The Thrifty Island Girl

It’s October and Halloween or less commonly known as All Hallows’ Eve is around the corner. Halloween is celebrated in many countries on 31 October. My family loves Halloween! We enjoy pumpkin carving, decorating the home with some halloween decorations, dressing up as in halloween costumes and of course go trick or treating in the neighbourhood.

It’s ok not to celebrate Halloween

My girl Yas loves trick or treating with her friends, when she doesn’t have any pains in her legs. We always have a massive bowl filled with sweet treats for kids that knock on our door. Though we enjoy Halloween before we enter the festive period, trick or treating may not be for everyone.

Halloween Pumpkins carved by Lei Hang , Oliver Reade & Yasmin
Our pumpkins from 2021. Left: Oliver’s, right: Lei’s & small one: Yasmin’s

Some years we didn’t want to invite trick or treaters to our home, mainly because of Yasmin’s health conditions. Other times we’ve just been so busy, we didn’t have the time and energy to prepare for Halloween. When Yasmin is in pain during halloween due to her Chiari Malformation & Syringomyelia, the last thing I wanted is for everyone banging on the door. Yasmin would get upset seeing other children trick or treating and her having to miss out. This may even wake her from her sleep trying to recover from the pains she is suffering. There were times we’ve even run out of sweets and a polite sign letting our visitors know helps, as we then wont need to bring in our carved pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins, did you know rubbing some Vaseline on the cut and carved areas of the pumpkin can help preserve your beautiful Halloween creations? Check out the 30 Genius uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

People don’t celebrate halloween for various reasons. Whatever the reason is for you not wanting to celebrate halloween this year, you don’t have to sit in the dark, hoping that nobody is knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell expecting sweets.

I think it’s unlikely that someone would egg someones house for not opening their door. However I believe it’s still nice to have a polite no trick or treating sing on the door.

FREE printable no trick or treating sign

To keep in the halloween spirit and help you discourage people from knocking or ringing the doorbell, I’ve created some FREE no trick or treating posters which you can print out and put on your door, gate or front window.

Just click the download button to download your chosen halloween poster as a PDF version. They will all print on A4 paper or card. To make them last year after year and save money on paper and printer ink, why not laminated them?

Which one is your favourite one?

FREE Printable Halloween sign: Sorry No Trick Or Treating here tonight -The Thrifty Island Girl
Sorry No Trick or Treating Here Tonight
FREE Printable Halloween sign: Sorry we've run out of sweets - The Thrifty Island Girl
Sorry we’ve run out of sweets

FREE Printable Halloween sign: No Trick or Treaters sign
No Trick or Treaters

What is trick or treating?

Trick or treating is an activity in which children wearing halloween costumes such as skeletons, mummies, zombies etc go knocking on doors of houses saying “Trick or Treat” when the door opens. When the person answers the door the children expect a sweet treat such as sweets or chocolates. If no treat is given, the children might play a trick on the person living in the house.

I’m not sure about the rest of the UK, but here on the Isle of Wight people only knock on doors that have been decorated with Halloween decorations or have a carved pumpkin next to their front door. This usually indicates that trick or treaters are welcome. Where as undecorated houses we leave alone to respect the people that don’t wish to take part in trick or treating.

So far I’ve never seen anyone play a trick in the UK. However when I was living in Germany from birth till I was about 17 years old, I used to go trick or treating with friends as a child. There I have seen people tricks. Those tricks included throwing clumps of wet tissue on houses, which get stuck on the walls. Another common trick was getting toilet rolls and decorating the house or garden with loo roll paper. Though I’ve seen people egging houses in the past, but that was very rare. I’m just glad that this has not happened to me living on the Isle of Wight (an island south of UK).

Lei Hang - The Thrifty Island Girl