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30 Genius uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline uses the thrifty island girl

We all know that Vaseline petroleum jelly is a popular and effective moisturiser. However we don’t have to limit the use of Vaseline to skincare only. A tin or tub of this ”wonder jelly” is cheap, yet very versatile as a beauty product and around the home. Due to its multipurpose use, petroleum jelly can help you save money, as well as free up lots of space around the home.

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30 Clever Uses For Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

1. Make DIY Firelighters / Fire Starters

Do you need some help starting a fire for a BBQ or a fire pit? Coat some cotton wool balls in Vaseline or any brand of petroleum jelly . Then light them just as you would with regular firelighters. These DIY petroleum jelly firelighters are easy and quick to make, as well as more budget friendly than buying firelighters.

2. Soothes Skin Post Hair Removal

Treat sore skin with vaseline petroleum jelly after waxing

Skin can get a little sore after waxing and threading, especially around the face. By applying a small amount of petroleum jelly after hair removal, can relive sore skin.

3. Prevent Nail Polish Tops Sticking With Vaseline

Ever struggled to open a bottle of nail polish, because some nail polish has dried between the top and the rim of the bottle? Try putting a little bit of Vaseline around the bottle top before closing.

4. Massage Oil Alternative

Vaseline can be used as a massage oil alternative

Planning to give a special someone a massage, but don’t want to splash out on expensive massage oils? Petroleum jelly can be a cost effective alternative to massage oils. This can also be used on babies, as it is suitable for sensitive skin. Since petroleum jelly such as Vaseline doesn’t have a smell, why not add some essential oils to aid relaxation? I love using Neal’s Yard Remedies essential oils to massage, as their oils are pure, free from fillers and any other nasties.

5. Preserve Your Halloween Pumpkins

By rubbing some petroleum jelly onto the cut or carved edges of the pumpkin, your Halloween creations will last longer.

6. Prevent Hair Dye Stains

vaseline can prevent hair dye stains

Avoid getting your skin stained when using hair dye, by applying some Vaseline or other petroleum jelly near the hairline, across the forehead. Make sure not to get petroleum jelly on your hair, as it would prevent your hair from colouring.

7. Vaseline May Help With Some Toilet Issues

If you suffer from piles also known as haemorrhoids, it may help to apply some Vaseline on the rear before going for a number 2. This will not help with any pains, but may aid in opening the bowel. To treat piles I’d recommend over the counter drugs such as Anusol or Germoloids.

8. Use As Eyebrow Gel

To shape your eyebrows, use a tiny amount on your brows, then brush them into shape with a brow brush. When I run out of eyebrow gel, I use Vaseline until I manage to get some more clear brow setting gel.

9. Treat your pet’s paws

Sometimes dogs and cats can get sore paws. To help ease their discomfort, rub some Vaseline on their paws. Though Vaseline is pet friendly, make sure they don’t lick it off.

10. Use As A Clear Lip Gloss

use Vaseline as lip gloss

Petroleum Jelly can act as a clear lip gloss as well as a moisturiser. Perfect for “No Make-Up” makeup days, when you still want to wear make up and look natural at the same time.

11. Tame Frizzy Hair

To tame frizzy hair rub a very small amount of petroleum jelly on the pads of your fingers, then run through your hair. Make sure not to use too much, else it would look greasy.

12. Shine Your Wooden Furniture

vaseline can be used as a wooden furniture conditioner

Use a tiny amount of Vaseline on a clean microfibre cloth to polish and shine wooden furniture. However I prefer to use coconut oil to shine ,as it leaves a light pleasant aroma as well as seem to act as a dust repellent.

13. Make Your Own Vaseline Lip Therapy

A tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy costs about £1 to £2 from most shops. However getting a pot of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly then adding a few drops of pure, natural essential oils would work out much cheaper in the long run.

A 106g pot of Vaseline is about £2, where as a tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy weighs 20g and costs £1-2. This means the pot of original unscented petroleum jelly makes about 5 tins worth! This works out at approximately 40 pence.

If you have some old lipstick, why not mix in some of your lipstick to create a nice lip tint?

14. DIY Skin Brightening Mask

To make a skin brightening mask, add some lemon juice to the petroleum jelly. Before applying the mixture on your skin, make sure to wash off any make up or other products from your skin.

15. Prevent Scars

To reduce the chances of getting scars such as pregnancy scars, moisturise your whole body with Vaseline petroleum jelly. This may not completely prevent scars from forming, but could reduce the amount of scars from appearing.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Yas, I used to use the highly rated Bio-Oil twice a day in the hope it would prevent me from getting stretchmarks. I had no scars for 8 months, then got loads of “tiger marks” 2 weeks before I gave birth to my little girl. This is despite using the expensive oil twice daily.

16. Make DIY Snail & Slug Repellent

Mix petroleum jelly with a generous amount of salt. Then apply the mixture around pots. To make slug and snail repellent, I wouldn’t use the Vaseline branded petroleum jelly. Instead I’d buy the unbranded big pot from a Poundshop for £1 ( Dollar store in the US).

17. Treat Dry Cuticles

Suffering from dry hands and sore cuticles? Gently rub in some Vaseline petroleum jelly onto your cuticles to condition and aid healing of dry and cracked cuticles.

18. Protect Wounds

To protect wounds, petroleum jelly can form a water repellent barrier and aid in healing.

19. Post Shaving Balm

Run out of post shaving balm? Try using some petroleum jelly instead. This can relieve itchiness after shaving and helps keeping the shaved area nice and smooth. Add a drop of lavender essential oil for it’s amazing skin soothing properties.

20. Use As Nappy Cream

Sudocream is the most popular nappy cream, as it prevents and treats nappy rash at the same time. But if you can’t get hold of any Sudocream, petroleum jelly can be used to prevent a diaper rash by forming a protective barrier on the skin. However I don’t think it is as effective in treating the rash as Sudocream, because it doesn’t have any antibacterial properties.

21. Magic Away Split Ends

By rubbing a tiny amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly on the pads of your finger tips, then applying to the ends of your hair can temporary seal the split ends. This gives the appearance of healthier hair by hiding the split ends. I occasionally do this while waiting for my next hair salon appointment.

22. Prolong Perfume Scents

Rub in a small amount of Vaseline to your skin before spraying on your favourite perfume. This extends the perfume staying power. Therefore you wont need to use as much perfume, saving you to splash out on fragrances, which in turn saves you money.

23. Removes Paint On Skin

Paint easily washes off our hand when washed straight away. However dried paint on our hands can be more difficult to wash off. By rubbing in petroleum jelly before washing hands with soap, paint comes off more easily.

24. Stop Squeeky Doors

We usually use WD-40 on hinges of squeeky doors, but did you know that a little bit of Vaseline petroleum jelly does the trick too?

25. Prevent Rust With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on tools and metal objects to prevent rusting. If I’ve run out of WD-40, I use Vaseline on my gardening tools to prevent rust forming.

26. Buff Leather & Reduce Appearance Of Scuffs

vaseline is a cheap alternative to leather restoring products

For a budget friendly alternative to leather restoring products, try Vaseline petroleum jelly. Vaseline buffs leather shoes, bags and furniture just as well as the expensive leather polish. Also remember a little goes a long way!

27. Ditch The Clear Mascara

Why buy clear mascara when Vaseline does the same job, plus acts as a lash conditioner?

28. Remove Stubborn Rings

Can’t get a ring off your finger? Try rubbing Vaseline petroleum jelly around the ring to help remove the jewellery

29. DIY Blusher

Got some old red or pink lipstick? Mix a bit of the old lipstick with some petroleum jelly, to make a blusher.

30. DIY Body Scrub

Simply mix petroleum jelly with some salt or sugar. Optionally add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to scent it. Once you’ve made a batch they can be stored in little cosmetic jars. Why not make some and give some to friends and family as a gift?


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