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How to get a FREE Santa letter 2022

How to get a FREE Santa letter 2022 - The Thrifty Island Girl
Lei Hang’s daughter Yasmin loves storing her letters in this red pouch

With Christmas around the corner, some of us are slowly starting to get things ready for the festive season. One of the important things to do on my Christmas to do list is a Santa letter for my daughter Yasmin. I love how letters from Father Christmas can keep the Christmas spirit alive in our home. My girl loves receiving letters from Father Christmas every year and the best part is that you can obtain these letters for FREE too!

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Here I will show you some ways to obtain a FREE letter from Santa for your kids and loved ones.

How to get a free Royal Mail Santa letter 2022

How to get a free Royal Mail Santa letter 2022

This time every year, the elves have been very busy helping children get a free letter from Santa at Royal Mail. Royal Mail has partnered up with Hallmark to provide the Father Christmas letter service. If your child would like a letter, make sure to write to him by early December.

When is the Royal Mail Santa letter deadline?

The Royal Mail’s Santa letter deadline is on 9 December 2022. With Royal Mail going on strike on 24 and 25 November 2022, it’s advised to send in the letters as soon as you can to have a better chance of receiving a reply.

Are Royal Mail Santa letters free?

The reply letter from is free, however to get the reply from Santa Claus isn’t technically free. This is because you will need a stamp to post your letter to Mr Claus. It will cost 68p for a second class stamp or 95p for a first class stamp.

Are Royal Mail Santa replies guaranteed?

Though Royal Mail is trying really hard to get a reply to each child, unfortunately it’s not guaranteed that every child gets a reply. When the demand for Santa letters is very high, there is a chance that some children may not get a this Christmas freebie.

I usually post my girl’s letter second class mid November each year. Last year we have not received a reply despite sending her letter nice and early. To avoid any disappointments, I usually tell Yas that Santa is extremely busy getting all the presents ready and that one of the reindeers might have chewed up her letter by accident. Thankfully Royal Mail has provided a link to a free printable response from Santa. It’s handy if your Santa letter has not arrived yet or you’ve missed the deadline.

What to write in a Santa letter?

Make sure to include your child or children’s full name and address. To receive a letter that’s a bit more personalised, include your child’s age, pets and some personal details to make it a bit more magical.

Where to send your letter to Father Christmas?

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto



How to get a free NSPCC letter from Santa 2022

How to get a free NSPCC letter from Santa 2022
Lei Hang’s daughter Yasmin has collected 4 years worth of letters from Mr Claus from NSPCC.

Every year the children’s charity NSPCC provides a personalised Santa letter service.

how much is a NSPCC Santa letter?

They do suggest a £8 donation, however you can change the donation amount to whatever you are comfortable with. If you cannot afford to donate anything, you can enter £0 into the box. This then makes this personalised Father Christmas letter free.

I remember few years ago when I first moved out and couldn’t afford to donate, I’ have’ve put £0 into the donation section. Especially now with the cost of living crisis, don’t feel bad if you are unable to donate. I still remember my daughters face every year she’s received the NSPCC letters. Her face would light up and make her festive time magical. She still has kept the letters which you can see in the picture above.

Alternative ways to get a free personalised letter from Father Christmas

Whether you’ve missed the Royal Mail deadline or just uncomfortable to order a free Santa letter from the NSPCC, there is another way. I’ve found so many free printable Santa letter templates. There are also some Father Christmas letter generators, which you can use to create a personalised letter which you can then print for free.

I’ve made a list of websites that offer free printable letters from Santa below:

If you’ve found this helpful, please do share with friends & family to help make their kids Christmas a little more magical too.

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