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7 Free Apps that literally pay you to walk!

woman walking on pathway under the sun and using apps to pay her to walk

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your walking earned you money or rewards? The trips to the corner shop, school runs or even walk to work that you do on a regular basis can earn you some cash!

I tend to walk my daughter to school Monday to Fridays and go on a long 12 km walk twice a week. So getting paid to do the walking that is part of my daily life is like getting paid to sleep! Unfortunately, these free paying apps won’t earn you a fortune, but you’ll get some money and get fitter. It’s still nice to get a reward for things we do anyway as part of our daily living. Why say no to free money right?

Whether you need some motivation to exercise, or just want to make walking more fun and rewarding, I recommend trying some of these free apps that pay you to walk.There is nothing to lose, only something to gain!

The apps that pay you to walk

Sweatcoin (works in UK & US)

purple sweatcoin logo. sweatcoin is a free app that pays you to walk
Picture by Sweatcoin

This unique app rewards you with “Sweatcoins” for walking outdoors only. Therefore walking on a treadmill in the gym or wondering around the house won’t earn you anything. For every 1000 outdoor steps (about half a mile) you will be rewarded with 0.95 Sweatcoins. These virtual coins are similar to crypto currencies and can be redeemed for rewards within the Sweatcoin app.

At the time of writing, some of the current rewards include things like a Dr PawPaw multi-purpose tinted balm for 35 Sweatcoins, Plant 9 trees & get 9 toothbrushes for 100 Sweatcoins and many more.

What I really like about this app is the fact that I can donate some sweatcoins to go to a good cause. Currently you can donate to sweatcoins to charities to help with accessible education for refugee children, conserve Madagascar’s threatened species and break the stigma around mental health. Its totally up to you how much you donate. I tend to donate some sweatcoins weekly, which makes me feel good.

Sweat coins can also be used for auctions to win such as a Dyson Airwrap styler, MAC Cosmetics gift card, Sonos Arc, TAG Heuer Connect watch, Playstation 5 and so many more. I personally don’t bid on auctions, because those need around 20,000-30,000 sweatcoins to win. You can save up your coins to bid if you wish.

The rewards, auctions and charities change on a regular basis, so its worth saving the coins for something you really want.

Sign up for SweatCoin for free here.

Earthmiles (works in UK & US)

Green and blue earthmiles logo with leaves. Earthmiles is an app that pays you to walk, run or cycle
picture by Earthmiles

With Earthmiles you can earn “em” for walking, running and cycling. The best thing is the more strenuous the type of exercise the more em you will earn! As you can see from the picture below, for ever 1km walk you’ll earn 1em, 3em for ever 1km cycled and 5 em for ever 1km you run.

picture by Earthmiles

Once you’ve collected some em, you can then spend them on healthy rewards in one of these categories: Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. New rewards are regularly added, but currently most of the rewards are discounts on products like Chilly’s Bottle and Tribe nutrition packs. Check out the current Earthmiles rewards here.

Download Earthmiles for free here.

Feel free to use my Earthmile referral code to get 50 free em: JOJK43LR

Paidtogo (works in any country)

green p paidtogo logo. paidtogo is an app that pays you to walk and run.
picture by Paidtogo

Paidtogo has a free version and a paid version. Here we will be looking at the free version of the app.

Paidtogo pays you real money or Bitcoins (the currency is your choice) for walking and running. Once you have saved enough Paidtogo Coins, you can then use the coins to purchase a payout via the Paidtogo Free Store. In order to be paid in Bitcoins you will have to open a Bitcoin wallet. So the easiest way is to use Paypal for the payouts.

On the free Paidtogo app you’ll earn 1 coin for ever 1 mile you walk or run. There is a limit on how many coins you can earn per day. The current maximum limit is 10 coins per day from walking/running. But you can still earn 5 coins per friend invited without a cap.

How many coins are needed for a payout?

$10 (about £7.25), you’ll need to collect 750 coins

$25 (about £18.13), you’ll need to collect 1600 coins

$50 (about £36.25), you’ll need to collect 2750 coins

As you can see the more points you have the better the payout is. The bigger the payout, the bigger the coin discount. Though the currency is in US Dollars, it doesn’t matter where on the world you are as Paypal automatically converts the currency into your local currency once the money comes in.

Sing up for Paidtogo for free here

LifeCoin (US only)

blue and green round lifecoin logo . Lifecoin is an app that rewards you for walking
picture by LifeCoin

LifeCoine is very similar to the Sweatcoin app that I’ve mentioned earlier. The only difference is the way it looks. With LifeCoin you can earn lifecoins (LC) by walking outdoors, but there is a maximum daily earning cap of 5 LC while using the free version of this app.

At the time of writing, some of the current rewards include things like an Apple iPad Mini for 20000 LC, Apple Iphone 11 for 35000LC, Fitbit Inspire HR for 5000 LC, and many more.

On thing to remember is that LifeCoin currently only sends rewards within US. Thought I’m UK based, I’ve still singed up to collect LC. I’m not really losing anything having the app. Plus once LifeCoin rewards become available for UK, at least I have some points that I can spend on rewards.

Sign up via my referral link to gain 5 Lifecoins to start with here.

Stepdrop (works in any country)

stepdrop is a app that rewards you for walking by paying you a crypto currency called young YNG
picture by Stepdrop

Stepdrop allows you to earn the crypto currency Young (YNG) by meeting daily steps goals. With the YNGs you’ve earned, you can pay into a challenge to earn yourself even more YNGs by beating others within the challenge.

You can also use YNG to invest using the Up&Down function of the app. You can make a forecast whether the value of crypto-currencies such as BitCoin & Ether is going up or will fall. If you are correct, you’ll gain 0.10 YNGs. However if your prediction is incorrect, you’ll lose 0.05 YNGs. Either way you’re not really losing anything as most the YNGs are earned through walking.

Lei Hang Stepdrop ether forecast
I’ve forecasted for Ether to go up after 3 hrs.

In the picture above, you can see there is 2hrs 44mins left for my forecast. I’ve forecasted the crypto currency Ether to go up. You don’t pay anything to make the prediction. You only pay 0.05YNGs of the YNGs that you’ve earned if your prediction is wrong.

Learn more about Stepdrop and sign up here.

Better Points (many countries incl. UK)

betterpoints logo. Betterpoints is an app that pays you top walk, run or cycle.
picture by BetterPoints

The BetterPoints app is similar to Sweatcoin and LifeCoin that I’ve written about above. You can earn and collect points by walking, running or cycling. Once you have collected enough BetterPoints, you can then redeem them on gift cards such as a £2 Tesco gift card for 2000 BetterPoints, £5 John Lewis gift card for 5000BetterPoints, £5 Starbucks giftcard for 5000 BetterPoints, £20 Amazon giftcardd for 20000BetterPoints and many more.

Sign up for BetterPoints here.

Charity Miles (works in any country)

raise money for free with this Charity Miles app to contribute to a good cause.
picture by Charity Miles

Though Charity Miles won’t make you any money for yourself, it does however let you raise money for a charity of your choice by walking, running and cycling. There are over 40 charities to choose from. For every mile you walk, run or cycle the app will donate some money to the charity you’ve picked.

I feel great to be able to help those in need by just walking. My chosen charity for the app is World Wildlife Federation (WWF), because out of all the charities listed I feel closest to this charity. This is because I’ve started my eco-journey last year and wanted to do more for our planet.

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Do use any of these apps or do you know of any other good walking apps, feel free to drop me a comment below.