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How to max your radiators efficiency with foil!

Did you know some of the heat your radiator produces is lost to external walls? With this easy, cheap and incredibly efficient DIY trick, you can save a lot of heat from getting lost into the walls. Instead the aluminium kitchen foil will reflect the heat back into the room. Therefore heating your room faster and using less energy to heat your home. Therefore saving you on your energy bill. You can buy reflective radiator foil, but this DIY trick I am showing you, does the same thing and cost next to nothing.

Things you will need to make radiator reflectors:

Materials needed to make radiator reflectors from cardboard and kitchen foil. Cardboard, scissors, aluminium foil and tape measure on a reddish pink shaggy ug

Cardboard (get them for free, by asking shops whether they got boxes that they throw away anyway)




Measuring tape

Tin foil (or how my American friends call it aluminium foil. The cheapest one from the supermarket which works the same and costs about £0.65)


  • To measure the size, measure the width by measuring the space between the radiator brackets behind the radiator. Then measure the height of the radiator.
  • Cut the cardboard to the radiators size.
  • Stick the tin foil on the cardboard, making sure the shiny side is facing up. The shiny side is the side that is effective at reflecting the heat.
Kitchen foil stuck on a large piece of cardboard box to create a DIY radiator reflector foil to save money on heating costs.
  • Cut some strips of cardboard out and tape them on the top of each side, which will hold your reflective cardboard in place behind the radiator. You could stick it directly to the wall, but I like to be able to get it out if I need to without damaging my walls.
  • Place the finished radiator heat reflector behind your radiator, making sure it is pushed against the wall, so that there is a gap between the radiator and the foil.
  • Now repeat step 1-5 for until you have done all your radiators in your home.
The finished DIY radiator heat reflector using cardboard and kitchen foil

I hope this tutorial was helpful, and saves you some money for years to come. If you like this article, why not share it with your friends and family to help them save money on their energy bill too?

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