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The beauty of a Virtual Photoshoot

Lei Hang Aka the the thrifty island girl  virtual photography by michelle jackson photography
I had so much fun doing this virtual photoshoot with the talented Michelle Jackson (pic: Michelle Jackson Photography)

I hear you say what is a virtual photoshoot and what’s the buzz about it? Well with the Covid pandemic and the governments restrictions to protect us, it isn’t always possible to meet with a photographer for a photoshoot.

A virtual photoshoot is a shoot done virtually via Zoom or Facetime using the your mobile phone’s or tablet’s back camera. The photographer then takes pictures of the model remotely using their computer or tablet. Therefore you can get your shoot done from the comforts of your home without breaching any social distancing restrictions even if you are shielding.

About 2 weeks ago I’ve seen and liked a picture taken by a local photographer based on the Isle of Wight called Michelle Jackson on Instragram. I have to admit I didn’t read the picture description and just liked how Michelle’s work looked! Click here to see Michelle Jackson Photography beautiful but yet budget friendly work on IG.

Facetime photoshoot with model Lei Hang from the thrifty island girl. Pictures taken by michelle jackson
picture by Michelle Jackson Photography

Before I share my virtual photoshoot experience, I’d like to say that I’m very thankful to Michelle Jackson for giving me the opportunity to experience a virtual photoshoot and sponsoring the shoot!

michelle jackson photography
The stunning & creative photographer Michelle Jackson

Michelle is such a lovely lady who makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed before, during and after the shoot! Definitely worth checking her Facebook and Instagram page out to see her amazing work!

Michelle isn’t just a photographer, but also wrote & self published the book “All Because The Lady Loves…Wedding Cake” by Petra Kluske.

Virtual photoshoots have been popular with Celebrities during the lockdown

Since the lockdown, many celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Cindy Crawford have been doing virtual photoshoot shoots via FaceTime or Zoom.

My experience of the virtual photoshoot

  • Lei Hang black & white virtual photography
  • Lei Hang as seen on Channel 5 bargain brits on benefits black and white virtual photoshoot via facetime
  • Lei Hang also known as the  thrifty island girl posing in a floral green dress for a virtual photoshoot. Lei Hang is chinese with long straight dark hair
  • Lei Hang aka the thrifty island girl as seen on channel 5 tv show bargain brits on benefits is smelling a rose from a bunch of flowers on her black dining table for a virtual facetime photoshoot
  • lei hang in a green floral maxi dress playing with her long straight black hair for a virtual photoshoot

I was very excited to try a virtual photoshoot, as I’ve never done a virtual shoot via FaceTime before. I have to admit I was also a little nervous, because I’m more used to a traditional photoshoot with a photographer standing in front of me with a camera. During a virtual shoot, you won’t have a photographer in the room or space. Instead it is just yourself with the back camera of your phone or tablet pointing at you. You may feel more comfortable with this if you get nervous having a photographer standing in front of you taking pictures. Though I was nervous, I very quickly got comfortable thanks to Michelle. She made the photoshoot so much fun, that I forgot how nervous I was! Also another plus was that Michelle is a female photographer. I’m not sure why, but I feel much more comfortable with a female photographer than a male one.

How much does a virtual photoshoot cost?

Lei hang posing for a virtual photoshoot with long straight black hair and floral green maxi dress
pictures by Michelle Jackson

As you probably know, photoshoots can be very pricey. With some photographers charging per picture! On average virtual photoshoots cost approximately £60 for about 12 images. However if you want a professional photoshoot without the hefty price tag, I highly recommend Michelle Jackson’s virtual photoshoot! The budget friendly £39 shoot lasts about 30 minutes in which Michelle produces lots of beautiful pictures. Within 24 hrs you will then be sent about a few images to get a glimpse of her work. Once she has completed cropping & editing the pictures she will then send the remaining to you, which is a lot more than you would usually get elsewhere. That’s a bargain! And the beauty is you don’t have to leave your home or live local to do the shoot!

To book a virtual shoot with Michelle, drop her a message via her Facebook page Michelle Jackson Photography, call her on 07716 893440 or email

Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a shoot? I think a virtual photoshoot would also make a lovely birthday, anniversary, mothers day or christmas gift.

Money saving blogger lei hang pictured in woodland. photo taken via virtual photoshoot by michelle jackson
picture by Michelle Jackson